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Promo | 12 Spotify Premium Up For Grabs! #DBaconAnniversary

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In celebration of’s first Anniversary~~  and as part of the Spotify Influencer Program, I have something for all my readers. Without further adieu, a total of 12 Spotify Premium Codes are waiting to blast your Spotify Account saying goodbye to all those preppy-voice-over-whatever-ads on your mobile app!!!

When Spotify said we need to create a collaborative playlist based on a particular moment, the idea of “Dancing when nobody’s watching” occur. Tho I was in the middle of a traffic when I got the project so I was thinking maybe I can collaborate with my readers on a playlist that can trigger the GGSS in us.

That situation where you activate your GGSS mode just to store up positive vibe.

Okay calm your horses! the mechanics are simple!


All you need to do is   “Collaborate With The Playlist Below”.

Now read carefully and do this step by step:

  1. Follow the playlist below.
  2. Click my profile and Follow Me on Spotify (So I can keep track on the legitimacy of your song contributions).
  3. Start Contributing Songs in the playlist below 😀

How To Win? 

  1. This play list is called GGSS or “Gandang Ganda Sa Sarili” I need you to contribute songs that triggers the GGSS in you. I already set in few songs so it’s up to you guys on what you think will complete the playlist.
  2. You can only contribute 3 songs per person so make the best out of it 😀
  3. Only Four (4) contributors with relevant song contribution will take home a Spotify Premium Code.  Winners will also take home 2 extra codes that they can share with their family, friends and countrymen. Pls dont be too greedy okay? share your blessings 😀  *All  codes are worth 3 months of premium subscription*


Announcement of Winners

Winners will be announced on or before midnight of November 22, 2016. I’ll post the names of the winners here and if your name is in it, I have a one last easy task for you to complete so stay tune 😀

What’s Your GGSS Song?

GGSS is just a magical situation, a mental defense mechanism when you are at a brink of  struggling for energy just to end your work hours. Or if not, probably you’re just vain.

If you have problem navigating thru this play list, you can click here as it will direct you to the Play list.

Comment below if you have suggestions and violent reactions!


  1. Ron Paulo Luna
  2. Czarmayne Paulo Mapalo
  3. Farrah Garcia
  4. Mc Pol CruzFor the final task, all I need you comment below “Ang Gwapo Mo Talaga Duane Bacon! <Insert Email>”. You only have until Novermber 30, 2016 to respond, late response considered null and void, akin na yung sa inyo hahhaha!!!  😀