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Promo | 3PM Coffee Habit? It’s Gotta Be Jollibee Creamy Floats!

3PM Coffee Habit? It's Gotta Be Jollibee Creamy Floats!

It’s that season of the year where Coffee intake happens to spike way up the scale, and “Fourth Quarter Syndrome” is a mere excuse for some lavish Coffee break. In this quarter; you take in coffee products in various forms from Hot, Cold, Jelly and the likes, not just to keep you awake with all the deadlines but in a form of a wonderful affliction.

Here I want to share what I discovered this afternoon, two (2) new pinoy favorites you can indulge any time you want, anywhere you want. Since it’s being catered by our number one, all time favorite pinoy proud fastfood —> Jollibee 😀 yey!

Jollibee Creamy Floats Coffee Chocolate Flat Lay Lifestyle blogger Duane Bacon

Welcome Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats!

Im not fan of sweets but Im familiar with the “Pinoy” kind of sweetness. First thing in mind is “Yes! This is so pinoy!”.

When it comes to culinary experience, once you tasted something, it has to be a medium that can transport you in a moment. Well, my bias will be the Coffee Float, my first reaction was “This is the kind of Pinoy Coffee I’ll indulge even by mid day!”.

Jollibee Creamy Floats Coffee Jaja Ramires Lifestyle blogger Duane Bacon

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I somehow developed that 3pn Coffee Habit especially when I stay at home. It’s quite refreshing to sip hot or cold coffee as the golden sun slowly squirm it’s way to the other side of the world.

Creamy Floats are topped with Jollibee vanilla soft served ice cream with Jollibee’s  signature chocolate syrup. I tried indulging in it a various ways, like Eat Ice Cream first then sip everything or blend all in and enjoy the creamy goodness. Jollibee Creamy Floats Coffee Chocolate Enzo Pineda Lifestyle blogger Duane Bacon

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