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Promo | Share Your Cloud9 Moment

The well-loved chocolate bar brand encourages everyone to cherish special moments and live life to the fullest with its Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment campaign. Throughout the years, Cloud 9 has delivered its chocolate goodness to Filipinos. It advocates positivity by spreading good vibes and reminding people that there are countless reasons to celebrate life’s special moments.

Life’s special moments can happen anytime, anywhere. It can be as simple as learning how to ride a bike when you were a kid, or something significant like booking your dream job after college, or getting married. These meaningful life events are “Cloud 9 moments” that are worth celebrating and can best be enjoyed with the all-time feel-good chocolate bar from Jack ‘n Jill.

Join the Cloud9 Fun!

Cloud 9 believes that life’s special moments should be captured, enjoyed and shared with others. With this in mind, the brand encourages the netizens to upload photos of their “Cloud 9 moments” through their own Facebook or Instagram account with the official hash tag #Cloud9Moment.

Positivity is contagious, why not live and capture the moment, at the same time, share the happiness with your Squad or your Family. With all the hate going on the social media, why not rather share good vibes by sharing your moments, tell us what makes it special, or even include travel advisory, what to eat, where to go and so on. we got each other’s back right?

The campaign aims to gather millions of Cloud 9 moments, which will soon be showcased along the metro, for everyone to celebrate and be inspired by.

How to Join

By simply sharing photos of your Cloud 9 Moments, you may inspire others to channel positivity in their lives. Also, you may have a chance to win special prizes from Cloud 9. For more details, visit

Be part of the Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment campaign and start spreading the news. Collect and celebrate special moments and make every day worth remembering.