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Saging Na Lang Ba Talaga Ang May Puso? #PlayItRight

Globe Telecom Duane Bacon Anti Piracy At Home Internet Subscription Streaming Netflix Hooq Fox+ Viu

In this “Digital Content Consumer Generation” streaming movies, vlogs, live video, Snapchat, Instagram Story etc comes as if it’s part of our daly routine. People streaming Movies and Series Illegally Online happen to be a normal thing for us. But haven’t you watched how people passionately worked for that content? yung mga BTS or Behind The Scene? There’s this particular with Die Beautiful, Pochoy highlighted that some of the crew stays for how many days in the set just to finish the filming process? or have you seen Ms. Villma Santos’ “Ekstra”? Diba lunGkot ng buhay nila? Every time you purchase pirated contents, you deprive them of the income they deserve, the time they should have had spent with their family and the future of the Philippine Cinema.

Since 2015, I noticed that Pinoy films are evolving especially of those from the independent studios aka Indie. Ever since, I hate watching Pinoy films in the big screens (talking about quality) until I met my Entertainment Blogger friends Mj de Leon and Rod Magaru who pointed out really good films that will change my life, and they did!

Ever since, I try my best to spend time to watch films worth our support. Im drunk I love you, 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, Kita Kita, Manananggal sa Unit 23b, 2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten, Bird Watch, Patay Na Si Jesus and many more. Majority of this films are created from an independent studio, meaning to say that they dont have ginormous funding yet they still manage to produce quality film that sure educate us or make us cry and achieve our purpose of going to the cinema.


That’s why it was a delight when I heard Globe Telecom has the latest offer when it comes to streaming, especially for those who replaced Cable Subscription into Netflix, Hooq, Fox+, Viu Subscription.

Streaming made easy as Globe Telecom Provides Go Unli wired plans start at P1,699 a month, which come with unlimited surfing and streaming up to 5Mbps. Faster speeds are also available with the following plans: Plan 1899 for speeds up to 10, 15 or 20Mbps, Plan 2499 for speeds up to 50Mbps, and Plan 2899 for speeds up to 100 Mbps.



To avail of the no-lock up offer, interested parties need only pay for a one-time modem fee of P2,500 or P4,500 depending on the chosen plan. Those who choose to discontinue their subscription within the first 15 days will get a 100% refund of their modem fee upon the return of the modem and telephone set provided during installation. For those looking for an option without modem fees, 24-month contract plans are also available. All plans come with free landline with unlimited calls to Globe and TM for 24 months, six months access to Netflix and Disney Channel Apps, and two months access to HOOQ.


As they say, Everybody wants change, but not everyone wants to change. I see to it that in my small ways, I am shaping a brighter future for the communities I move into, I want to inspire them that in small ways like supporting local cinema by #PlayItRight will earn us a supportive next generation of Digital Content Consumer, how about you? how would you prove na hindi lang ang saging ang may puso?