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Style | Pack Like You’re Going To The Moon – Zero Halliburton

Zero Halliburton Duane Bacon Blogger Luggage Travel Cover Style Male Fashion

If you have traveled the moon and back then you can travel the world! hahahah I may sound crazy but, Zero Halliburton started to be an Astronaut’s Luggage and now they’re finally available here in the Philippines 😀

Zero Halliburton, the only luggage to travel to the moon and back, finally lands in S Maison   at Conrad Manila. The global luggage brand has an incredible 80-year history of finely-engineered designs and a proven track record of protecting one’s valuables.

With its launch in the Philippines, Zero Halliburton introduces the iconic aluminum briefcase that stored rock and soil samples from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Apollo 11 lunar mission back in 1969. The luggage brand also unveils its lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate luggage and, soon, the Greenwich Collection—Zero Halliburton’s lightweight cordura nylon luggage with built-in smart features such as moisture wick material and padded design.

Originally designed by aerospace engineers, Zero Halliburton cases have grown into a widely loved travel brand in the world. Its functionality, durability, and sleek design make it a top choice in cosmopolitan centers including Tokyo and New York.

Reinvented for Business and Pleasure

In recent years, the premium luggage has extended its line to wheeled business bags, pilot cases, backpacks, and duffel bags. New materials and designs give traction to Zero Halliburton’s reach in the global tarmac.

Zero Halliburton Duane Bacon Blogger Luggage Travel Phone Case

Also available for Mobile Cases

Zero Halliburton Duane Bacon Blogger Luggage Travel Silver

Well-known names have been seen carrying the premium luggage, especially in the posh Madison Avenue where its flagship store stands. One notable patron is Brazilian football superstar Ronaldinho of FC Barcelona who has recently signed up as the brand’s endorser and consistently seen taking Zero Halliburton cases around.

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Engineered for Durability

Surprisingly, the famed luggage was developed to suit the needs of just one man—its founder Erle Halliburton, an oil field engineer. Realizing that he needed a durable piece of luggage for his grueling travels across the rough Texas terrain, he and a team of engineers designed the world’s first aluminum travel case.

Zero Halliburton Duane Bacon Blogger Luggage Travel Blue Bag

Zero Halliburton Duane Bacon Blogger Luggage Travel Back Pack

Seeing how incredible the prototype was, friends of Halliburton convinced him to make it commercially available. Its first buyers came from the big names of California and Europe. Zero Halliburton cases formally became part of history when no less than Apollo 11 astronauts Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong took it to the moon and back.

Zero Halliburton Duane Bacon Blogger Luggage Travel Ruth dela Cruz

Zero Halliburton Duane Bacon Blogger Luggage Travel Rod Magaru

Soon after, the legendary luggage found its way to Japan, Asia, and eventually to other countries across the globe. Over the years, its seamless cast, durable built, and superior protection has won over travelers, from business professionals and executives to stylish and high-flying wanderers.

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Check Zero Halliburton At

Take a piece of history when you travel. Survey the exquisite selection from this legendary brand by visiting Zero Halliburton boutique in S Maison at Conrad Manila located at Seaside Boulevard corner Coral Way Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.