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Rainy seasons are worth the boots especially in Metro Manila, especially there are areas that easily gets flooded and I like my look to be functional. Meet one of my rainy look: Scout since most part of my job as a Brand Auditor requires me to be present (70%) in the filed, everything has to be functional :D. 

Lookboo Duane Bacon Osaka 6 Supedry Tee Forer21 21Men Denim Jacket Oxygen Low critch Jeans Boots Scout


Im the kind of person who prefers to be at least 70% equipped, I just cant go out without my power bank, gaming consoles, wallet, car keys, a book, smartphone haha I easily get bored so sometimes I really need extra extra pocket aside from my jeans.



I sweat a lot! and,Superdry, it’s not just a brand but actually describes the technology the shirt quality, it does not absorb water that much haha coz you know what happen when you get so soaked with sweat right? 😃


I love wearing beanies, since I easily get cold, especially when you have no choice but to stay seated with the air-conditioning all facing you and it’s really good when it rains coz it keeps me warm and manages my hair tucked up nicely neat all together hahah Click here to see how to tuck your beanie 😀

Forever 21 Boots Male Fashion Style Duane Bacon Lookbook Blogger

Thank you for reading 😀

  • Where’d you get those shoes? ;A;

    • Forever 21 to eh pero mga 2012 pa sakin to hahaha

      • Naks. Hahaha! My shoes don’t last long kasi usually 2 pairs in rotation lang. XD

  • Hahaha super agree! Halos araw-araw din ako naka-boots ngayon! Pero ang humid din nga minsan so kailangang comfy ang shirt. 😀 Kung titingnan mo yung clothes blog ko, umiiral ang boots and rain-related outfits recently.

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