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Wall Flower, few overlooked this clothing style due to it’s simplicity, Polo Shirts underneath a cozy Kitted Pullover, This is the common look for Yuppies or even students coz all the ensembles are already available, all you need is a good Pullover(aka Sweatshirt et al) that supports the image you want to project. As the usual High School Moto goes “Simplicity is Beauty”, but how come not all can pull off this kind of look?


For Ectomorphs or SKINNY GUYS like me, I really prefer “KNITTED” pullovers since it

builds up volume and helps us look like we gained a little haha, anyway, in this blog I summed up all my opinions every time I help a friend have this kind of look.


Polo ( Cotton On) Knitted Pull Overs & Chinos ( H&M ) Wing Tip Shoes ( TopMan )

Blog Wall Flower H&M Cotton On Duane Bacon Fashion Men Style


Personally, this is always the first thing I consider when I work on my looks, in this guide, there are 2 things you need to know:

a) Inner Shirt should be “your exact fit”(not to loose, not to fit)

b) Sweatshirts should always be:
b.1 a size bigger than your Polo = Makes you look Smart
b2 two size bigger = Makes you look Preppy

b2 Three size bigger = It will now depends on your Confidence and Sex Appeal 😀

This will create the right silhouette, which makes people unconsciously notice first in your outfit, and it could be the Ice Berg you just created your self to drown your Titanic.


Most of the time, this set the mood 😀 you can go Black and White or Color Coordinated, but for a safer set, here is what I usually pair.

  1. If you wanna be safe, go for the staple combination “White Inner + Black/Brown Pants + Any Colored Sweatshirt”
  2. If you prefer loud colored Sweatshirts; I suggest go for “Black Shoes and Pants”
  3. checkered/Plaid Inners should go with “Plain Sweatshirt” as long as they stay in the same shade then “Black Shoes and Pants”.

Blog Wall Flower H&M Cotton On Topman Duane Bacon Fashion Men StyleWall Flower Shoes Fashion Blog Duane Bacon H&M Cotton On TopMan


The Venue contributes to where you can wear this (OPTIONAL), This is the part where you’ll use God’s gift of LOGIC 😀

Yes! I’ve noticed a number of guys wear this look on a totally wrong venue, pls dont wear this in a place that you know you’ll SWEAT a lot like Partying or under a SUNNY DAY, on a Non Air Bus, especially Philippines is a “Forever Summer” Country so please 😀

I hope I didnt waste your time 😀 Thank you For Reading 😀

Photo by Evelio Barion

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  • Cooler months allow us to do layering! Yay! Very good tips and points on how to pull this off. I actually use a for this look instead of a sweater on days I’m commting or won’t be spending a lot of time in airconditioned rooms. I have a post sortakinda like this in my blog, but it’s from five years ago. Haha! http://nonshopper.sarahcada.com/2011/01/i-pull-my-shirt-on-walk-out-the-door/

    • *”I actually use a SHIRT for this look….” Oops 😛

      • pwede naman shirt eh hahah observation ko lang ito sa usual na get up sa Office 😀