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Lifestyle | Repertory Philippines – Almost Maine

Repertory Philippines’ ALMOST MAINE, a romantic comedy that will leave you breathless from one act to another, with elements that will tickle your imagination from performances that will drown you from laughter and tears in situations that is surely relate-able, it is the most HUGOT play I’ve been to by the way. Almost Maine is a mythical place, owing no real geographic reference except to the human heart(alam na?), so orient your self to laugh and cry simultaneously with stage performances that will make your while. MYTHICAL… SOMETIMES FANTASTICAL It is a cold bleak landscape, difficult to live in, and even harder to endure, but somehow the people that inhabit this place still manage to fill it with warmth, love, friendship and hope. It is their emotional journey that makes this place, located in the loneliest and most solitary corners of our hearts, still a place worth living. Written by John Cariani, ALMOST, MAINE is one of those endearing plays that captures your imagination almost immediately, and never lets go. With 19 characters played by a cast of only four people, it …