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Lifestyle | Diageo – Manila Golden Age

Diageo Reserve, along with it’s esteemed pool of bartenders, transported “White Space Makati” back into the precious streets of Manila, dubbing it as “Manila’s Golden Age of Cocktails”. Reliving the Vibrant Streets of with elements such as TAHO Cocktail along with the new interpretations of Filipino Staples such as Samalamig, Sago Pearls, Soy Milk and a (my favorite) cocktail on a cellophane, just as how Pinoys would enjoy drinks of their choice, may it be Soda or Fruit Juices, just the right atmosphere in enjoying Pinoy Street Feels, crafted by Diageo Bartenders that will represent our country in a Global Scale Mixology Competition – “WORLD CLASS 2016”.

Lifestyle | Converse One Star World Tour

last week, we witnessed how Converse Skate Team took charge on the ground with all their jaw dropping Skateboard Tricks,  Converse Skate Team Tour Video is a compilation of Skateboarding, Skateboarding, and more and more Skateboarding that even I feels like I’ve wasted my childhood not learning how to collaborate with the board. The video were the highlights of the tour for over 4 weeks in 4 regions (Europe,Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific,North America and Latin America) The Converse Global Ambassadors made it much more interesting, the way they show their tricks just proved they are worth the title, ambassadors such as Zered Basset, Jason Jessee, Ben Raemers, Aaron Herrington,Louie Lopez, Kenny Anderson,Frank Gerwer, Sammy Baca, Eli Reed, Sean Pablo, Mike Anderson , Jake Johnson,Al Davis, Tom Remillard ,Don Nguyen, Bobby De Keyser,Sage Elsesser, Andrew Brophy, Jerome Campbell, Carlos Cardenosa, David Stenstrom and Remy Taveira. Filmed and edited by Richard Quintero and Ben Chadourne. Thanks for reading and watching hahha.