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The way you dress up is an expression of your self, What more when you got to wear your favorite GAME SHIRT??? my co-HUNTERS! Let’s level up our StreetPass Hunting Sessions and Meet Up with The Latest Collaboration of Monster Hunter X and Unilqo. Wear your art out with UNIQLO’s new UT graphic tees! From Anime to modern art! You’re sure to find something to express your personality! A photo posted by UNIQLO Philippines (@uniqlophofficial) on Jan 16, 2016 at 8:34pm PST hahah Yesterday, before going home, I passed by UNIQLO SM AURA and to my surprise, and since I just arrived from my Sinulog Trip, Uniqlo had already Launched their Latest Collection and Collaboration with Various Brands but hey I GOT ALL MY EYES LOCKED ON THIS MONSTER HUNTER X COLLECTION!!! guys! you better grab your before it goes running away! no Paint bombing(in-game-thing) okay? hahah here are some of the Designs that  I really like 😀 Battle Ready Calicos Or that Pretty Tamamitsune? Dont Forget your Favorite Hunter Boosting meals 😀 Based on Experience, …

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Lifestyle | Starbucks’ New Indulgence

Last week, September 15 , Starbucks Philippines Launched New Products for us to indulge for Autumn! (Until Nov1), 1 New StarBucks Card, 2 New Drinks, 4 New Breakfast Buddies and a Number of New Nibbles to enjoy with your favorite Beverages. I’ve included in my Itinerary to try some, during my short break in Davao and Thank God I’ve Spotted Ms.CoffeeChic on my 1st attempt, someone you’d love to share your Brewed Coffee with and also, gave me some tips about coffee tasting 😀