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Lookbook | Aesthetic vs Comfort, How do you Style?

Choosing what to wear while on vacation and on your daily grind are two completely different battlefields;  styling in the metro takes a lot of consideration since you might be a subject of any forms of harassment that may lead you to “tiis ganda look”, mapapa uber ka kahit wala sa budget ma itawid lang ang FASCHIIOOWWNNN~~~*with feelings* I always map out  my day and dress accordingly, that’s the number one rule when it comes to Power Dressing. No wonder it was a breath of fresh air when Converse incorporated the Nike Flyknit technology along with it’s innovated Chuck 2. Who wouldn’t  want a pair sneaker that is breathable and has a sockliner softer than your favorite  flipflops?

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Style | Keeping A Style In Water Resistant Apparels

Functionality always comes first for me when I dress up. During the rainy season, the worst thing is when you get soaked wet when you are yet to begin the day. Or to do laundry when the sun is hiding behind the clouds crying all week. There was this week where I spent the parts of the day with wet shoes, still trying to be professional. Good thing my favorite brands Uniqlo and Converse has this thing for rainy season yet aesthetically speaking “presentable ” hahaha. WHAT I WEAR Water Resistant and Reversible Hoodie Jacket & Fleece Turtle Neck  from Uniqlo Spray On Skinny Jeans from Topman Water Resistant High Cut Sneakers from Converse Picking The Color Pallet When it comes to color palette, I follow what’s present in the nature especially when Im in doubt. for example in this look, I pegged the colors from a fruit hahah Orange! hahahaha. God is the creator and imitating life isnt a bad thing hahaha. Check | Uniqlo Fall Winter 2016 Waterproofing My usual choice for tops will always be …

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Style| Never Pair Denim On Denim

Indulging on a Style Break incorporated with Traditional Batik Motif Printed Polo from Uniqlo Sets the 1st look for my Uniqlo Batik Motif Lookbook Series,Yeah! You can never go wrong with Denim on Denim!  Style and Functionality always define your looks, you dont put on denim jackets without utilizing it’s features, otherwise, Im sure you’re just one of those dead fishes that goes with the flow.

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Style | Converse Chuck II Knit Sneakers

Defining the concept of Comfort, Converse showcases how possible it is through it’s latest innovation calling the series Chuck II, Launching in Spring 2016, which is b the way available to the Philippine Market now, the Chuck II Knit seeks to reimagine new avenues of design and creativity with leading texturized material and colors. Converse continues to explore the realm of comfort and innovation with the newest expression of Chuck II, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Knit Collection. 

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Style |Converse Philippines: Batman? or Superman?

Converse Philippines asked a Comic Geek like me “Which Team Are You?” haahaha! Seriously, I’d rather go for Terry McGinnis and Kara Zor El (Dunno Them? #GoogleMoLang). However, I admire Bruce Wayne since Im Pro-Ninja (Naruto!!!) and he’s the only one which basically JUST Human among the Main Justice League team, but in a romantic sense, I’d go for Clark Kent since I believe we all have our own Lana Lang in our lives, yung mahirap palitan kahit patay na *Hagulgol*. Oooppps Im so sorry for that, good news is! Converse Philippines has something for Batman and Superman Fans!!! woooohhh!!!

Lifestyle | Converse One Star World Tour

last week, we witnessed how Converse Skate Team took charge on the ground with all their jaw dropping Skateboard Tricks,  Converse Skate Team Tour Video is a compilation of Skateboarding, Skateboarding, and more and more Skateboarding that even I feels like I’ve wasted my childhood not learning how to collaborate with the board. The video were the highlights of the tour for over 4 weeks in 4 regions (Europe,Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific,North America and Latin America) The Converse Global Ambassadors made it much more interesting, the way they show their tricks just proved they are worth the title, ambassadors such as Zered Basset, Jason Jessee, Ben Raemers, Aaron Herrington,Louie Lopez, Kenny Anderson,Frank Gerwer, Sammy Baca, Eli Reed, Sean Pablo, Mike Anderson , Jake Johnson,Al Davis, Tom Remillard ,Don Nguyen, Bobby De Keyser,Sage Elsesser, Andrew Brophy, Jerome Campbell, Carlos Cardenosa, David Stenstrom and Remy Taveira. Filmed and edited by Richard Quintero and Ben Chadourne. Thanks for reading and watching hahha.