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Digital Lifestyle | Be Informed! #GoogleMoMuna

Auguring is healthy, as it is innate in our Rational Features as a Human, but when we reach that point when you demoralize someone just because he/she ain’t cool with your belief, I suggest, #GoogleMoMuna . Netizens particularly in facebook are easy to react without knowing the underlying reasons into why things are the way they are, and it’s sad to say that 19 days from now and the Filipinos will take on something that will change the country’s course for the next six years and there are false information that divides us all. Knowledge is power, let’s not waste our time blabbering on futile matters, as we go along, we have a big part in making a difference in this country. why not, let’s start by being well-informed. Arming Ourselves With The Right Information As part of Google Philippines’ #GoogleMoMuna campaign, YouTubers collaborated to create a video entitled “Be Informed: #GoogleMoMuna” enjoining Filipinos to stay in-the-know of the latest issues so that they can be better participants in lively and healthy discussions about the country. The video can be …

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Digital Lifestyle | Bilang Pilipino Campaign Launch

“Bilang Pilipino 2016” is the official handle of the TV5 Network’s Election Coverage, a 360-Coverage as only the Kapatid Network can deliver, in Partnership with PLDT, Smart, Cignal, Philippine Star, Business world, Radyo Singko, and Bloomberg Philippines. “Bilang Pilipino signals three things about our coverage” – Luchi Cruz-Valdes Explained “it speaks of Content:it will be heavy not just with facts but with numbers. Bilang: Commits us to Data-Driven Content so we can assure our audience of reliable information and insight. Mission: in an election, every vote, every voter, every Filipino Counts”