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Google Philippines Anniversary Duane Bacon

When You Realize Nurturing Communities Is Our Business – Google Philippines Anniversary

It was a long day for me last Wednesday, January 31. Fresh from Davao I went straight to Makati for a series of presentation. Then ended the day as I attended the Google Philippines’ 5th Anniversary for a Sunset Party to Super Moon x Blue Moon x Blood Moon viewing as we celebrate not just the anniversary, but the mile stone  on how much Google Philippines supported our country and all our esteemed digital content creators. All the while, I went teary as it gave me the opportunity to look back at my adventure along with Google. 2011 I started with Google Map until now under lifestyle, then as Sir Ken Lingan (Google Ph Country Manager) enumerates all the campaigns and products Google Philippines contributed, it was aaaawwwwww~~~mazingly nostalgic. I never knew we already did a lot of things in just 5yrs.

google Independence Day Doodle Dan Matutina Art Philippines Duane Bacon Blogger Jeepney

Digital Lifestyle | In Case You Miss The Google Philippine Independence Doodle

During holidays and other important days to remember, Google , as being googly as always, has this habit in changing the header of the Google Homepage to  fit in the celebration. In case you’re unaware of this event, this is the 1st part you see whenever you open (and other localized version). If you still dont know —> #GoogleMoLang . In celebration of Philippines’ 119th Independence day, Google Philippines commemorated this wonderful event in our history with a  special one-day only doodle on the homepage designed by Filipino illustrator Dan Matutina.

Travel Summer Packing Tips Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Blog Philippines Uniqlo Swim Shorts Bench Zalora OLX Nature Live Authentic

Lifestyle | Pack Boy Travel Guide

In a snap! Most of us suddenly find ourselves to travel more frequently, local or abroad, personal or work related and I believe, you and I, shares the same guilt as we OVER PACK, hahaha, to travel and exploring destinations while in a light weight luggage is an achievement for most of us (including me), recently I’ve been flying in and out with my dreamy 28ltr back pack vs 20kg usual luggage when I travel since 4th grade. Compiling my recent travel realizations, I ended up writing down a “I-Wish-I-Knew” kinda list, it’s categorized in 3 parts and I think it’s worth sharing so here it goes.

Google Safer Internet Tools week - Infographics layout Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon

Digital Lifestyle | Google Safer Internet Tools

Going online in the usual thing we do aside from breathing, but there is more comfort if you know the Google Safer Internet Tools, especially we tend to overlook the aspect of SECURITY. Google rolled out new Internet Tools, and reminders to protect you from online dangers of all stripes—phishing, malware, and other threats to your personal information. Gerhard Eschelbeck, VP, Security and Privacy at Google created a list on things you need to do and things you need to learn, along with my personal experiences, let’s see if you miss the mark 😀 I hope that you’ll take a few minutes as well to learn how Google protects your data and how we can work toward a safer web, for everyone. 

Google Card Board Street View Chinese New Year Monkey Digital Travel World Duane Bacon

Digital Lifestyle | Get a Free Trip with Google over a Monkey Hunt!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year! especially in the Philippines, as much as we want to join the crowded streets in Binondo, China Town. Why not enjoy the Holiday off for an adventure even without stepping out of your room. Yes that’s Possible! As I was exploring my Google Card Board, I found out that Google started a little virtual Monkey Hunt to find as many of the ‘Monkeys of Street View’ as they could. Google Street View is a Google Product that enables you to view a 360 degrees view at a certain location on your Monitor as if you were actually there, like traveling anywhere you want for FREE.

Google Sponge Cola Itchy Worms Kjwan Ebel dancel Mikey Bustos OFW Video Campaign Pinoy Filipino Philippines Domoestic Workers Duane Bacon

Advocacy | Join “Google Miss Ko Na” Campaign!

Mga Kababayan! Google Philippines is collaborating with Sponge Cola, ItchyWorms and Kjwan, band vocalist Ebe Dancel and YouTube star Mikey Bustos, who will be putting melody to the lyrics that our Kababayan in abroad will be submitting and will be recording the song together. The song is meant to recognize and celebrate close to 12 million OFWs and aims to reconnect them with the things they miss back home through music. And every Filipino can be part of this special project because the lyrics will be crowd-sourced from millions of Filipinos here and abroad.

Google Love Language Campaign Translate Volunteer Happy Translation Pinoy Filipino Philippines Duane Bacon

Advocacy | Bayanihan Translate-a-thon with Google Philippines

Google Philippines encourages every Filipino including translators, language lovers, and culture enthusiasts to contribute to the Google Translate Community, let’s break language barriers and bring the Filipino and Cebuano languages and cultures better representation online to share with the rest of the world. In celebration of Buwan ng Wika, Google Philippines kicked-off a month-long nationwide translation campaign called Love Your Language with it’s first translate-a-thon to improve the quality of Filipino and Cebuano translations online.