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Saging Na Lang Ba Talaga Ang May Puso? #PlayItRight

In this “Digital Content Consumer Generation” streaming movies, vlogs, live video, Snapchat, Instagram Story etc comes as if it’s part of our daly routine. People streaming Movies and Series Illegally Online happen to be a normal thing for us. But haven’t you watched how people passionately worked for that content? yung mga BTS or Behind The Scene? There’s this particular with Die Beautiful, Pochoy highlighted that some of the crew stays for how many days in the set just to finish the filming process? or have you seen Ms. Villma Santos’ “Ekstra”? Diba lunGkot ng buhay nila? Every time you purchase pirated contents, you deprive them of the income they deserve, the time they should have had spent with their family and the future of the Philippine Cinema.