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Lookbook | Aesthetic vs Comfort, How do you Style?

Choosing what to wear while on vacation and on your daily grind are two completely different battlefields;  styling in the metro takes a lot of consideration since you might be a subject of any forms of harassment that may lead you to “tiis ganda look”, mapapa uber ka kahit wala sa budget ma itawid lang ang FASCHIIOOWWNNN~~~*with feelings* I always map out  my day and dress accordingly, that’s the number one rule when it comes to Power Dressing. No wonder it was a breath of fresh air when Converse incorporated the Nike Flyknit technology along with it’s innovated Chuck 2. Who wouldn’t  want a pair sneaker that is breathable and has a sockliner softer than your favorite  flipflops?

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Style | How To Create A Statement With Your Sneakers

Browsing up and down at Converse‘s Site, checking which fits my fashion statement for this year, I realized that, yes, fashion is a “STATEMENT” you want to express about your self and there’s another one. Doing a little bit of reading about the product description, recently, a series of design doesn’t mean it’s just a series of design, but a collective story sharing what the brand is all about and their ideas about topics going on the society. I had fun making a little back read and chose 3 pairs that caught my attention 😀 also, I included part of their back story just to get a glimpse on how to make a statement even when you’re on your usual white shirt and comfy jeans.

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Style |Converse Philippines: Batman? or Superman?

Converse Philippines asked a Comic Geek like me “Which Team Are You?” haahaha! Seriously, I’d rather go for Terry McGinnis and Kara Zor El (Dunno Them? #GoogleMoLang). However, I admire Bruce Wayne since Im Pro-Ninja (Naruto!!!) and he’s the only one which basically JUST Human among the Main Justice League team, but in a romantic sense, I’d go for Clark Kent since I believe we all have our own Lana Lang in our lives, yung mahirap palitan kahit patay na *Hagulgol*. Oooppps Im so sorry for that, good news is! Converse Philippines has something for Batman and Superman Fans!!! woooohhh!!!