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Digital lifestyle | Let The Lyrics Speak For The Pain #August2ParinKita

Where do broken hearts go? — I believe that “Moving On” is a lie, like what Tita Shawie said: “Enteng, once you love a person, you never stop loving him, siguro a little less or a bit differently but you never stop loving him.” —Sharon Cuneta in Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (2003) In my case, those emotions might be tightly sealed within layers of layers of bubble wraps, boxed inside you playlist. That playlist you love to listen over and over coz the memories it brings back creates a ripple of sensation you your self has no idea about it, but you feel triumphant listening to it, feels like celebrating your success in finding strength to stand up again.

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Digital Lifestyle | Take the Force with you via Spotify

Star Wars Fans! Spotify has something for those who cant get over with the latest Starwars : The Force Awakens Movie, I watched the Premiered on Dec16, and as much as I and other fans want to watch it over and over, we just cant deny that we need to focus on our Last Quarter Deadlines, or While in Long Lines on our way to our province, but worry no more! Spotify is celebrating by giving music fans the chance to discover their Star Wars musical match, wherever, whenever you wanna play it!