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I usually play Mobile Legends around 6am while answering mother nature’s call (wink wink). While playing this morning, it’s just weird, that Facebook Messenger popped and I saw the intro that goes like this “Duane, any dating tips?” I didnt bother since I’m doing ranks yet in a snap, I was posses by this concept.

Oo nga noh? How you play Mobile Legends has something to be compared to dating. Imagine Mobile Legends is a Speed Dating app? you are sorted to 5 different persons, you clash, you cooperate and at the end of the game you can add them up if you like how they play. So I selected a few jargon and try to make it relevant to dating hahahhah! I hope this can answer your dating inquiries hahahaha!!!

Numero Uno!!!


From the beginning, kung wala kayo niyan, mamaya nalang. Hanap tayo magandang puesto.

Kasi, sayang lang lahat ng efforts mo, magaling ka nga, namamatay ka naman dahil sa connection. Wag ganun! Hindi maganda sa team.

Sabi nga ni Big Brother: “SA TAMANG PANAHON” Gawa ka nalang muna ng assignments mo jan, o file mo na reimbursement mo hahahaha!


Ibig sabihin “SUPPORT” o “KAAKIBAT” para ma abot yung goals.

Ang tanong, ano ba talaga goals niya?

Back up para punan ang bagay na di niya kayang gawin? O back up kasi kailangan niyang lumipat sa kabilang turret? O kasi wala lang talaga siyang ka date sa Valentine’s day?

Kung ganito situation mo, just be flexible, dating pa lang naman eh. Yet you need to listen to my kasambahay, her #1 rule when you out on a date “AYAW LAG PA TIRA” ahhaha!!! Google translate mo nalang yan, cebuano – english/tagalog.


Kung tanga ako, diko alam na tinatmaan na pala ako? from Vince Kat and James

In this situation, tumakbo ka sa squad mo. Dont go solo! Consult your support group and strike when it’s appropriate.

I suggest yung support group na God Fearing ah! para matino rin yung irereto sayong ideas 😀



I’ve been stuck in the Master Level in quite sometime now. I started playing Dec2017 and now, how to play the game just sink in.

I know you’ve been in this situation as well, where sometimes you feel like giving up and starts questioning your self, “Pangit ba ako? Kapalit palit ba ako? Handa ako mamatay para sa turret na yan! Pero anong ginawa mo? You still choose to break my heart! (Tinawag kang vovo dzzzaaeee~~)” I’ve been there, I feel ya!

I’ve been switching to various characters just to fill in certain roles. I realized, it’s not about the roles, but it’s on how you maximize a certain character.

I focused on ROGER where I do best, but still missed gazillion star from Master 1 now back to Master 3 or 4 huhuhuhu.

Then I realized, there’s no way figuring out the anglorythm for random teams (just in case my siblings/friends are offline) until I figured out the purpose of JUNGLE, TURTLE and the LORD(of the jungle hindi si papa God).

I figured out how to maximize my character at the same time use LORD(again, not papa God) to supplement power, defense and diversion that I needed to break more turrets.

Now going back to DATING: there’s no perfect one until you make it PERFECT your self.

Relationships are supposedly to supplement one another, if you don’t know your role, then better yet be on that quest on seeking what you’re supposed to do.

And one day, you’d be the MVP to someone.


Not all MVP has to kill(in game jargon) sometimes they maxed out support.

Sabi pa sa church namin, BE THE PERFECT PERSON in that relationship. You can’t find the perfect partner unless you make your self perfect, then one day he/she becomes one too. Contagious yung kindness eh, as long as your relationship is pleasing to the Lord(si papa God na talaga to) there’s is no way God won’t pour down blessings and provision.

May it be valentine’s day or not, your goals in dating must be clear. Hindi yung pang rebound lang or trophy boy/girl friend lang.

I hope I somehow gave you and idea on how to orient your self in your date. Comment below if you have any clarifications, violent reactions etc. I think I need to write one more yung hindi ML related hahahha!