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When You Realize Nurturing Communities Is Our Business – Google Philippines Anniversary

Google Philippines Anniversary Duane Bacon

It was a long day for me last Wednesday, January 31. Fresh from Davao I went straight to Makati for a series of presentation. Then ended the day as I attended the Google Philippines’ 5th Anniversary for a Sunset Party to Super Moon x Blue Moon x Blood Moon viewing as we celebrate not just the anniversary, but the mile stone  on how much Google Philippines supported our country and all our esteemed digital content creators.

All the while, I went teary as it gave me the opportunity to look back at my adventure along with Google. 2011 I started with Google Map until now under lifestyle, then as Sir Ken Lingan (Google Ph Country Manager) enumerates all the campaigns and products Google Philippines contributed, it was aaaawwwwww~~~mazingly nostalgic. I never knew we already did a lot of things in just 5yrs.


Google Philippines Anniversary Duane Bacon ID

Google Philippines Anniversary Duane Bacon Sun Set Party Super Blue Blood Moon

Google Philippines Anniversary Duane Bacon History Mile Stone Progress Success


Every time I look back, I realize it’s all about services.


google Independence Day Doodle Dan Matutina Art Philippines Duane Bacon Blogger Tribal Textures


Along with my Co-Davao Bloggers around 2011, we mapped Davao City and gave lectures to neighboring towns on how to turn that landscape satellite photo into a modern city. I remember looking at the before and after of Tagum City and Cotabato, It was heart warming that it’s not just work, but it’s a community service that helps people find their way to their destination.

google Independence Day Doodle Dan Matutina Art Philippines Duane Bacon Blogger Shool


huhuh, my Okay Google adventure(blog) got broken when I migrate my blog one after the other, good thing I had a photo on my Instagram, it was a very memorable day for me since I learned a lot on that day about any thing about Pinoy Food and the prologue about those amazing dishes, includes the exotic one ahhahah!

Even today, when I drive, Im always thankful for the Okay Google Feature where I can call or text, ask Google about Showbiz, Life in General etc hora mismo, using only my voice! It’s even designed for persons who got their hands full, drivers yet planned to be productive and so on. It’s just too convenient to have it around even with it’s latest version, check this AJ Rafael Clip I found 😀 hahah, you might need it this Valentine’s Day 😀


google Independence Day Doodle Dan Matutina Art Philippines Duane Bacon Blogger malacanang


Speaking of voice, google didnt just present one app over the other, but by generating #GoogleMoLang and #GoogleMoMuna hashtags to centralize conversations and ideas and give people the mantra not to irresponsible share fkae news, as what the hashtag say? yes, i Google mo muna!

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I never knew helping others translate a certain lines precisely as we did Translate-athlon  when real pinoys collaborate with the Google Translate System directly and teaching the AI how to translate more like a local.

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There’s a whole lot to enumerate, I haven’t noticed all those googly activities we’ve been to. It doesn’t look like work since google always make it a work and play balance to every activity we do.

More Google products were introduced and this year, I’ll try to be a high ranking “LOCAL GUIDE”, if you’ve been with four Square, (not the church) but it was more like a Map Builder. In Google’s LOCAL GUIDE, it’s quite similar to it but you dont really need check in a certain place. Google will monitor the places you’ve been (As you specify in your Phone’s Settings) and ask you about the place, as you provide your organic response, you’ll earn points and more trust ratings, which is good for bloggers and digital nomads like me 😀

Every Google event is worth attending even if you’re tired from your big day. You’ll have fun, learn and contribute to the local scene from “How Tos” to “Translation” Google Philippines were behind all this, now, with just a tap of a button or in voice command, you can have everything you need 😀

Thank you Google Philippines! and to my readers, just click the links I presented in some topics and it will guide you on how to contribute on the specifics 😀

Being a true Patriot is you find sense of fulfillment when you nurture your community, that’s where legit Nation Building begins and not from the impulse of “Hey, I want to change the world, so follow my philosophy” but from educating your own neighborhood first before the entire 7,107 Island of Facebook.

For Google Philippines, thank you for letting us help our country by making all activities so google that we haven’t noticed it’s actually work.

As they say, “Before the Nuclear Bomb Explodes, it has to Implode first”. It has to start from you! So, now? how do you plan to nurture your Country?  #GoogleMoLang


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