Wish List

I don’t really care much about receiving gifts, my main concern is: I dont want to stress my manitos and manitas in choosing for me, then afterwards I’ll have that usual comment which is “I feel so presured on what to give you blah blah” or “It’s really hard to look for something that will really make you HAPPY blah blah”.
Write me a decent letter, paint me, or support my blog lol but since Im already here, why not check on some of the items on my “to buy list” hahah
Things that I look for a Book:
  1. I love books that makes me think (eg the Alchemist)
  2. Limited Edition → hash tag! #Fetish
  3. Novels that are logical and less dragging.
  4. Im fine with novels that are related to Norse Mythology.
  5. Books that has FONTS and SPACING that I can read while on transit. Pls no POCKET version pls haha!
Here are the books that I am still hunting and some of them are already in FullyBooked yet Im still stuck with a book or I still dont have a budget for it.
  1. The Danish Girl
  2. To Kill a Mocking Bird 
  3. Picture of Dorian Gray
  4. Children of Huris – Tolkien <Looking for Hard Bound and yeah Transit Reading Friendly Fonts and Spacing pls>
  5. Diary of Anne Frank
  6. The Giver 
  7. Gone Girl – Flynn Gillian
  8. Chronicles of Narnia CS Lewis
  9. Hollow City – Ransom Rigs
  10. Ms. Pregrine’s Peculiar Children – Ransom Rigs
  11. Library of Souls – Ransom Rigs
  12. A Walk To Remember – Nicholas Sparks
  13. Love Me If You Dare – Judeux Enfant