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You would ask, what is COSPLAY? Cyber Zone’s Geek Con 2023 Mindanao Leg has the perfect example to that. The event as part of SM Cyber month perfectly resonated with the Kadayawan festivities.

The cosplay competition has catered to both young (junior Division) and the the seasoned cosplayer categorized as “All Star Division” as they compete who will bring home the 30,000 Pesos prize money, in addition top 3 contenders will have the slot to compete for the final leg in Cosmania 2023.


As part of the 1st gen cosplayers in Davao City, I have also compete under cosmania and represented Davao City under TORCH Tournament of Champion in 2010.

I have witnessed other cosplay competition both local and in national and I say, I have reached my saturation point in 2014 and just attend cons to be able to catch up with the community.


I dont need to thrill you who won the competition. SM City was fast enough to post over their social media the results of the said competition.

Opet who cosplayed Yoriichi from Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer Anime Series clearly didnt just came to dance but all armed and ready to make heads drop.

Demon Slayer, Flame of Recca, Cosplay Kurei,

The Cyberzone Geek Con All Star Division has Two segments


Where cosplayers, do their cat walk and make sure to steal the spot light among other competitors. Here the judges will narrow down the competition to 16 outstanding cosplayers. Siempre the Judges were a mix of local cosplayer Zhel and Kevs and manila cosplay photographer Jay Tablante.

Zhel who specialize in theatrics aspect of cosplay. Kevz as a craftsman and Sir Jay tablante as the Visual.

In this roster of judges the top 16 was named, there, the cosplay contender top 16 cosplayers were put on a bracket to compete in pairs until 4 will emerge victorious in a series of bout.

During the cat walk, you’d definitely notice Opet raising his chin, unbothered to all the armored cosplayers beside him, steps forward, placed himself in a vantage point enough to showcase his sword stunt leaving other competitors lost their spot light.

Cosplay Contender

Now the competition just got more intense, it was his match with a friend Edz who cosplays Zoro from One Piece.

In the Cat Walk, Opet just slayed armored cosplayer, in this round both samurai did their best but it was the sun breather that emerged vistorious. The whole crowed was impressed with his sword techniques that perfectly showcased his costume.

I forgot which round was it, Opet jumped from the stage, head bow down, flip his head and pooof! That was a shocker! If you are well aware how risky was it to flip your wig like that. Clearly, Opet mastered the wig styling and how to properly wear it to slay.

Opet just show cased his preparedness, revealing one ace card after the other just when you thought he’d ran out of gimik, he surprised the audience with his never ending gimik. No matter what you cosplay, was long are your stunts are in line with the character, you will never go wrong in that pursuit.

I think, on this regard the Armored cosplayer requires to display more effort to show their expression, meanwhile, cloth cosplayers has the leaverage to show their emotions though their body and facial expression to connect to the audience; which you will see how Opet displayed his desire to hack and slack wholeheartedly no pabebe moves.


I want to commed all the participants; all their performance sparked joy in me, it was a perfect gig yesterday to revisit an old hobby. The Cosplay competition was in deed a competition in debunking the myth that cloth costumes was just for show. With the right battle cards it can bring down giants down to their knees.

Opet just showcase what a cosplay should be.

  1. Wear your Favorite character, you are not your cosplay. Research, Research, Research…
  2. Cosplay does not end after you finished your costume, the real battle begins when you bring that character to life, it maybe in skits or in images.
  3. Cosplay is not just about crafting, it is also theater play.

SM Cyber Zone’s Geek Con 2023 Cosplay competition was the best among the best in Davao City ever, it was breath taking and inspiring us to do better in our craft. I hope more organizers will follow this template (my point: more 30k prize money please) tanawa! nang gawas ang mga karaang damang! Gawa tayo nang cosplay competition hindi lang para mag event but to also challenge the community to level up the craft (Char murag financier ko noh?). As early as last night, ang dami nang mga negative comments but Im sorry, aside from my POV, the list of judges was perfectly enough to vouch that the top 16 was indeed the cream of the crop.

Cospaly, Davao, Airam, Host, Cyber Zone, SM

With CoHost Airam, a rising cosplayer in Davao city.

As I end, I just want to shout out to Opet for doing the job well done! pa pizza ka naman!

Thank you for reading my 1st blog for 2023, dapat September pa ako mag popost but that grrrrr yesterday day’s event dasurv the write up! Sad to say I havent recorded some of the highlights but I would appreciate if you coudl share your link of photos of me or video clips nang skits ni Opet down at the comment box.

Thank you and Mabuhay ug Madayaw Davao! until my next post! Matta ne 😀

All Photos are from SM, you can see more here.