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One Piece on Netflix is a Huge Spoiler at Episode 4: The Pirates are Coming

One of the interview with the One Piece on Netflix cast, asking what would be their wish for the show, they all agreed to wish “We hope we can still play our roles at our prime”. Hinting that it is going to be a long long long series, well as we all know, One Piece anime is currently in it’s 1070+ as of the moment and it will expected to be a very long series.

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Now watching episode 4, I was shocked how Luffy easily said “I know Yusop” and all the more referencing the Shimotsuki Village is a one whole of a bomb most especially to those who havent catched up with the anime series now.

If you havent known about the lore now, then I just need to stop spoiling you more that the One Piece on Netflix show did. All those reference look 1000+ episodes before it was uttered out and it will give a better perspective for the end game.

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Eiichiro Oda has been very firm in terms of details, we’ve been kept in the dark for how many years and suddenly for the first season, them blurting out these information for One Piece on Netflix means they will be moving on a faster phase in telling the story.

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At 32:33min of episode 4: Young Zoro was asking for Kuina’s Sword, the Wado Ichimonji, it is not just a rare word but a national treasure of Wano. I mean, for him to acquire it in that manner implies a different perspective of the story, hence the way Wado Ichimonji was passed down to Zoro was already a huge lore and him doing it like that in the live action gives of a different vibe. I also noticed how some parts were told differently, does this means that Netflix will be adding on a new flavor for the live action? Looking at Episode 8 Title THE GIRL WITH THE SAW FISH TATTOO — I think for the first arc they’d be following through the usual flow of the story and will unfold details after details. Now that Shimosuki village was unraveled at the initial phase of the story, would the series also unveil all details related to Wano Kingdom sooner?


I appreciate the first few episodes, I never assume that they’d be completely following the anime but this is a more realistic aproach in telling the journey of Luffy in reaching his goal to be the Pirate King.

Inaki Goroy and all the cast are just like the anime’s personified version of the anime, Inaki Goroy is LUFFY, he definitely is as it is, no comment about that. I know we are in good hands with Eiichiro Oda being hands on wit the project most especially the casting and I pray they wouldnt allow this wonderful series to be like The Witcher incident.

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Lastly, I am a fan of Mackenyu, He have performed many live action adaptation most especially his role at FullMetal Alchemist live action deserves a standing ovation although he’s too pretty to play the role of Scar. This time, Zoro definitely fits him! Giving his role Enishi from Samurai X live action movie we all know he can swing a sword but looking at how he does Zoro sword scene with foot works (which Zoro rarely does) is fantastic! it perfectly look good for a live action.

Okay, Imma leave this blog post here and continue watching.

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